The Black Army?

Action RPGs, I miss you.

I was looking through them at wikipedia, clicking my way through any title that might be interesting. One of them was "The Black Army". Naturally, I clicked. It's still in the works, being developed and published by Fade Blue Entertainment. I googled the developer, and it came up with nothing.

Then I read what the entry had to say. Let me paste the information here:

The proprietary engine will incorporate Havok physics and feature destructible environments with an in-game damage effect. The developers are aiming to make the game run on a wide range of systems. The Black Army will use a custom 3D game engine in order to present an overhead view to the player. Enemies will utilize the 3D environment as well, in ways such as crawling up the side of a wall from the depths into the combat area. An enhanced quest system, a random level generator, and a random encounter generator are slated for use in order to ensure the game provides different experiences when replayed. Overall, the game will include both static and randomly generated levels. Additionally, there will be class-specific quests to go along with the main storyline quests.

So, this is relatively okay. And then the 'basic story summary' starts. This is when it gets really amusing. I paste again:

Basic Story Summary

It's back in the old days of swords and shields and a town hero was to fight off the upcoming surprise attack lead by hostile bandits but during the mix-up, he was killed by a spear through the heart. As he started to die, it started to get blurry everywhere. He saw the bandits burning the village, killing some women. But then a big beast comes out of no where from across the scene and kills everything and stomps over to the guy. As the thing stops, the guy dies. He wakes up to being almost naked on a rock in the middle of a fiery area. He doesn't know what's going on, but then the same beast from before comes up from the lava and they talk. The guy is granted his life again, if he is to work for this demon. The guy accepts, not realizing he would have to torment and destroy lives. The guy wakes up in the same spot where he died, but everything is normal. It appeared to be a dream. He doesn't have a spear in his heart, the women from before are alive, everything is lovely. For now... (! Every class and gender has its own cinematic preview for the introduction video created once you have started a new character)

And then the 'Development' entry:


Development on the Black Army started on July 20th of 2008. Real life friends and over-the-internet 'pals' from the Xbox 360 were involved in the mix-up. The game was solely started by WikiPedia account, HollywoodHoncho. His Xbox Live Gamertag is HF Honcho if you ever need to contact him.

Characters There are -without a doubt- a few character classes available. There is the Berserker or commonly known as the Barbarian, the Archer, Assassin, Paladin, Corrupt Knight (only available after game completion with another class), and the Sorcerer.

The entry doesn't cite any sources, and the external links direct you to HF Honcho's website, HF Honcho's youtube profile, and HF Honcho's email address.

Clearly, the article was written by either HF Honcho himself or one of those 'over-the-internet' 'pals' from 'the Xbox 360'. Oh, well. At least, they're trying to make something very much unlike yours truly.

As an RPG fan, I will hope for the best for this group- maybe it'll be a good game, and maybe I'll like it very much. Who knows. Kudos, HF Honcho and co. And since they've said, if you need to contact him, maybe to show support? Here's his email address-

- E


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